Müzik Prodüksiyonu Eğitimi
Müzik Prodüksiyonu

Music Production

At Babylon Academy, we a Pioneer certified music production course for aspiring producers. Our course training is in Ableton, Logic & Studio 1, depending on the student’s choosing. Our course is an 8 week program offering two lessons per week at two hours per lesson. The intensive training is a total of 32 study hours for the talented individual.

We focus on music theory and analysis, creativity, the intention of the project, the tone and mood of the composition, the technical and artistic points of a musical arrangement, the coordination of the sounds, and many other aspects of a musical work.

In the music production program we help the student process the basic mixing techniques, working with the student on a gradient from start to finish all the way through the mixing stage of a project. Later we move on to the mastering processing, giving each student the proper data on how to properly master a track on a basic yet industry standard level.

At the end of the course the most successful tracks made by our students will be offered a digital distribution agreement with our home record label, Babylon Records, where we will officially release the track on all digital platforms.

Our Course Program:

  • Basic Music Theory
  • Basic Music Technologies
  • Digital Sound Technology
  • Digital Sound Technology
  • Introduction to Midi
  • DAW Software Technology
  • Synthizers and Synthesis Techniques
  • Midi Recording and Audio Recording
  • Clip Sequence in Arrangement Window, Warmping
  • General Theory About Plugins and Automations
  • DAW Technologies Education
  • Sound Design
  • Basic Mix Mastering

Mixing & Mastering Training

Our mix & mastering training is a thorough yet stress free training program tailor made and individualized to the student’s ability. Standard sessions take place twice a week, two hours per week, and 5 weeks in total. Training sessions are given individually with the option of one-to-one lessons upon request.

Our program covers industry standard and relevant course topics to ensure your success in prospering in the industry. We specialize in making sure the student properly knows how to adjust music levels, and perfect their arrangements and projects with the intent that they would be well received on digital platforms.


  • Introduction To Mixing & Basic Concepts
  • Grouping Organization on a Micro Scale
  • Spectral Perception & Domination
  • Lower Frequency Characterization & Configuration
  • Well Received By Listeners On All Digital Platforms
  • Macro-Scale EQ, Dynamic Effects, Time-Based Effects & Automation
  • Grouping for Mixing
  • Introduction to M / S Technique
  • Spectral Width
  • Mono Bass Technique
  • Standardization in Mono Conditions
  • Introduction to Mastering & Methodology
  • Reference Determination & Comparison
  • Mastering Requirements within the framework of the M / S Technique
  • General Scale EQ and Dynamic Effects
  • Saturation
  • Discrete Applications for Mastering
  • Limiting
Mix & Mastering
Mix & Mastering Eğitimi

Our Course Programs

Music Production (32 Hours)

Arrangement Window, Clip Sequence

Introduction to Midi

DAW software, Synthizer

Voice and Midi Recording

Basic Mix – Mastering

Project Delivery and Guidance

Mix & Mastering (20 Hours)

Introduction to Mixing and Basic Concepts

Micro Grouping Organization

Spectral width

Introduction to Mastering and Method

Reference Determination and Benchmarking