Megan Kashat Kurt

Iraqi-American recording artist Megan Kashat is a vocalist, songwriter and abstract painter, whose made her marks on the entertainment industry following years performing

as a world renowned dancer. The Detroit born talent began her training and education in theatre, choir and dance and later trained at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and Detroit Insistute of Music Education for songwriting.  Kashat left high school at the age of 16, just after landing her first professional gig dancing back up for Mariah Carey at the Lion’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show.   One year later at she took 2nd place at the Prix De Espana World Cup Competition with the American Dance Company.  Megan’s focus and dedication was apparent at a young age as the dancer trained 30 hours a week rigorously for over 10 years in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and ballroom styles.  Winning national awards for several years all over America, she eventually found herself sharing the stages with The Goo Goo Dolls, Jesse McCartney, and a 2 year world tour with Charlie Wilson which led her to perform for the The 2010 Grammy Awards, The Mo Nique Show, The Wendy Williams Show, The Steve Harvey Hoodie Awards, The Tom Joyner Cruise, The Golden Trumpet Awards, Essence Music Festival and several others while also booking the North American International Auto Show, the Big Sean ‘Guap’ music video and the T.I. ‘Dope’ music video which was shot in Los Angeles, California.

A pioneer and triple threat in the industry, Megan has worked internationally spending 5 months in Ibiza working on a project with Steve Aoki, as well as behind the scenes work with artists such as Adele, Cirque Du Soleil, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and several others to name a few.

While Megan has worked with several record companies worldwide she is now represented by Watary, one of leading labels in the Middle East located in Beirut, Lebanon.  She’s collaborated with countless artists internationally including Dj Regard.  Megan’s talents are boundless and her training is intended for the serious artist who wants to advance in the industry.

Yusuf Can Kurt

Yusuf Can Kurt started his professional career as a DJ in 2000. He has performed for years in the most prestigious venues of Istanbul such as Reina, Lesottoman 29 Funfatel, Vogue, Soho House Istanbul and many others, while also performing with the most famous DJs in the European electronic scene.

Since 2018, Yusuf has been a resident DJ on Power FM, connecting its listeners with sets in the styles of downtempo electronic, progressive house, tech house, deeptech house, melodic house and melodic techno.

Kurt is the former music director of Dream Group, a subsidiary of Doğuş Holding. Releasing his first two singles, “ Feeling” and “Love It” in 2010, he later found success with his EP, “Dream” released by EMI/ Universal Records in 2017.

Known for his modern arrangements of famous cover songs, Yusuf Can Kurt released a remake of the classic Turkish folk song, “Gesi Bağları” released by Avrupa Music which circulated fame within the underground ethnic electronic music scene in Turkey.

After much success and years of perfecting his craft as a DJ & music arranger, Yusuf Can was nominated for the Golden Butterfly Awards in the category of Best DJ in 2019, taking 3rd place out of 2,000 nominees.

Yusuf Can Kurt now focuses his career in the field of education with aims to help aspiring musicians learn the art to a perfection, and build prosperous careers of their own. He currently posses a license agreement with the Pioneer DJ, the leading DJ brand on the globe.

Kurt is the former founder of Ghost DJ Academy which was born in 2018, later leaving that behind in 2020 to develop Babylon DJ, Music & Dance Academy; Artist Collective Studios.

Yusuf’s career has been prosperous and fulling. He plans to continue his work as a music arranger, producer and thriving DJ. You can expect to see him performing worldwide while releasing captivating music, and of course expanding the Babylon Academy on a global scale.